Dr Catherine Millington SandersDr Catherine Millington Sanders, GP, RCGP, a Marie Curie National Clinical End of Life Care Champion and co-developer of Difficult Conversations training programme, shares her experiences and top 10 tips on having difficult conversations.

“I have difficult conversations every day in my practice and this is never an easy thing to do.  No matter how long you’ve been in the profession, caring for terminally ill patients and their families is one of the most rewarding parts of our work”. 

Dr Catherine Millington Sanders finds the following top 10 tips helpful…

  1. Preparation
  2. Check your internal barometer and know your limits
  3. Be honest
  4. What’s the difficult part?
  5. Consider a communication framework
  6. Plan your conversation and ask the patient
  7. Awareness
  8. Partner
  9. Timing
  10. The compassionate organisation

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