Women In The Medical World is a student organization focused on empowering the young women attending medical and nursing school at Busitema University Faculty of Health Sciences in Mbale, Uganda.

The club was formed on February 1st, 2017 when the women female medical and nursing students met along with supporting faculty members to form their own organization to support and encourage the young women of the university and the community of Mbale, Uganda.

The club recognizes and seeks to unite women in the medical field through a variety of activities and objectives. The club also aims to support vulnerable women in the community and to empower them. The club members of plan to extend the Women In The Medical World organization to other medical institutions – incorporating clinical officer, medical, and nursing students in Uganda, East Africa, and beyond.

The club goals and objectives include:


Empowering Women

  • Career guidance through bi-monthly meetings with invited community mentors who lecture on career development through problem solving skills, effective communication, leadership, and assertiveness.
  • Create awareness and educate about healthy relationships, human rights, prevention of HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, and living with purpose.
  • Provide mentorship by linking students with practicing physicians and nurses in the community.
  • Leadership opportunities within the club and the community.


Serving the community

  • Reach out to vulnerable women such as teen parents, widows, and single mothers in the community.
  • Organize medical camps to disadvantaged communities with poor access to healthcare
  • Create charity campaigns including blood donation drives


Physical fitness and socializing

  • Women’s Sports Day
  • Aerobic classes
  • Organize social events – including Women’s Day Celebration



  • Subscribe to scholarship web sites to obtain opportunities for members
  • Train members on writing scholarship applications


Student Exchange

  • Collaborate with other medical schools both locally and internationally to create opportunities for student exchange.


The founding student leaders are:

  • Claire Kamusime – President
  • Joyce Namwase – Mentorship Chair
  • Diana Among – General Secretary
  • Letitia Namakula – Publicity Secretary
  • Sharifa Nakandi – Community Outreach Chair
  • Rodham Akello – Student Exchange Programme Chair
  • Judith Asimwe – Scholarship Chair
  • Allen Akakwasa – Finance Chair
  • Harriet Damah – Fifth-year representative
  • Judith Ayikirize – Second-year Representative

Supporting faculty members include Dr. Rebecca Nekaka and Dr. Sarah Lovell. Dr. Rebecca is an Internal Medicine physician and lecturer at Busitema University. She is the founder and director of Women In The Medical World, working hand-in-hand with the committee to collaborate with and assist the students in meeting club goals and objectives. Dr. Rebecca is passionate about empowering the girl child and offering the ladies opportunity to succeed in life. Dr. Sarah Lovell is an Obstetrician/Gynecologist who was a volunteer lecturer at BUFHS through the United States Peace Corps and SEED Global Health during the 2016 – 2017 academic year. Through a grant obtained under former First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative “Let Girls Learn,” the club was awarded funding to launch into the community. Dr. Sarah now lives in the USA and has continued to support the organization by linking the team to other student organizations and mentors.




Bi-weekly meetings focusing on leadership and career development

Women In The Medical World


Women In The Medical World


International Women’s Day Celebration

Women In The Medical World

Launching the club to the community of Mbale

Women In The Medical World


Next steps:

  • Collaboration with international women’s organizations
  • Development of an international student exchange program
  • Education in scholarship applications and opportunities for students

Connect with us!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/womeninthemedicalworld

Website: womeninthemedicalworld.wordpress.com


Women In The Medical World 5

Women In The Medical World 5