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Starting your own private clinic

Taking the jump into the private sector as an independent clinician can be daunting. In this blog I will discuss some of the issues I faced as a woman establishing a clinic in London. Since 2014, I have been head of a successful physiotherapy company.  This has expanded into two permanent clinics as well as providing home visits to a variety of patients. Setting up this company was a huge leap, as I was previously working in the comfort of the NHS and a private hospital, with senior staff above who would manage the responsibilities of the organisation. Now...

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What is Inspiring Women in Medicine?

Inspiring Women in Medicine (IWIM) is a community of like-minded, experienced and passionate medical women who come together to both share ideas and enjoy the social aspects of getting together with similar professionals. It was set up by London-based Consultant Physician and Rheumatologist Dr Stephanie Barrett to bring together women in the medical professional from around the UK. Dr Barrett noticed how many hard-working professional women medicine, both in private practice and the NHS, were missing the opportunity to enjoy the social side of connecting with like-minded colleagues on a larger-scale basis than simply those known through work or...

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Welcome to Inspiring Women In Medicine IWIM

Inspiring Women in Medicine (IWIM) Inspiring Women In Medicine (IWIM) is a community of women working in the medical world who are here to help to inspire, connect and support other women. IWIM meet regularly and help share experiences, network with other women in medicine and learn from others through a series of networking, training, 121’s and events. If you would like to join or have questions about IWIM please contact us today and one the members of the team will get back to...

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