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Women In The Medical World

Women In The Medical World is a student organization focused on empowering the young women attending medical and nursing school at Busitema University Faculty of Health Sciences in Mbale, Uganda. The club was formed on February 1st, 2017 when the women female medical and nursing students met along with supporting faculty members to form their own organization to support and encourage the young women of the university and the community of Mbale, Uganda. The club recognizes and seeks to unite women in the medical field through a variety of activities and objectives. The club also aims to support vulnerable...

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Starting your own private clinic

Taking the jump into the private sector as an independent clinician can be daunting. In this blog I will discuss some of the issues I faced as a woman establishing a clinic in London. Since 2014, I have been head of a successful physiotherapy company.  This has expanded into two permanent clinics as well as providing home visits to a variety of patients. Setting up this company was a huge leap, as I was previously working in the comfort of the NHS and a private hospital, with senior staff above who would manage the responsibilities of the organisation. Now...

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Handling difficult conversations

Dr Catherine Millington Sanders, GP, RCGP, a Marie Curie National Clinical End of Life Care Champion and co-developer of Difficult Conversations training programme, shares her experiences and top 10 tips on having difficult conversations. “I have difficult conversations every day in my practice and this is never an easy thing to do.  No matter how long you’ve been in the profession, caring for terminally ill patients and their families is one of the most rewarding parts of our work”.  Dr Catherine Millington Sanders finds the following top 10 tips helpful… Preparation Check your internal barometer and know your limits Be...

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Sponsorship feedback on our last event

Inspiring Women In Medicine (IWIM) were delighted to have Kingsley Napley sponsor our last event at the RAC in London. Kate Rohde, a Senior Partner at Kingsley Napley, has kindly written an article about sponsoring IWIM and said: “Kingsley Napley was delighted to sponsor a networking dinner for Inspiring Women in Medicine recently.  We were kindly given a short slot to share some thoughts with the audience and I chose to reflect upon how women can ensure that their voices are heard in a professional environmental”. To read the full article please go...

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Artificial Sweeteners are a Serious Health Hazard

Many times I have been asked, “Which is worse, diet or regular coke?”. Until recently I had no good answer. All I could say is that both are pretty awful. The comeback would often be, “well surely it’s better not to have all that sugar and all those empty calories?”. Now the data exists to answer this conundrum and it is profoundly conclusive. Firstly, the effect of artificial sweeteners on insulin response, something that now seems so obvious but was never predicted by those who created artificial sweeteners to enable diabetics to have something sweet without upsetting blood glucose...

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